When zombies attack…

2 Nov

A little while ago, I mentioned zombies. Zombies attacking the suburbs. While zombies are hardly the kind of folk that suburban dwellers care to welcome into their midst, sometimes zombies just attack and there’s no stopping them. So you’ve got to dress sensibly and stylishly if you want to survive and make it into the sexy Channel 4 dramatisation.

Let’s start from the bottom up: heavy engineering boots. Good for kicking zombies in the head. And they look really tough. Next: slightly shiny leggings and a sparkly one shoulder party dress. Nothing like blood and a bit of sparkle to up the sex appeal of a zombie attack.

But let me set the scene: it’s almost sunrise. A few bright young things are traipsing home after a night of dancing, drinking and hooking up with other beautiful young things. They’re the only people still awake at this time of the night. Or are they? Suddenly the undead begin to appear on the streets, dragging their feet, looking for brains to munch on. A lot of the suburban folk have been eaten while they slept so it’s up to this band of delicious and stylish young adults to kick some ass and defend their territory. After all, who can muster the energy to shop, get made-up, drink spirits with little flecks of gold in it and party til dawn when flesh-eating zombies are banging down the door trying to snag a bite of you?

To resume. I’m wearing what presumably is my now-dead boyfriend’s shirt and hoody. Pre-zombie attack he was perfectly happy, scrawny arm draped around me, in his deep v-neck tee and skinny jeans. He was one of the first to go: the pretty ones usually are. Then we have the leather jacket. I was torn between this jacket and my army-surplus-type jacket which is cool and has pockets but as it’s cotton, it’ll stain terribly and soak up blood like nobody’s business.

The leather jacket is warm, won’t stain and is dark, better for camouflage once the sun goes down. The only problem is the noise it makes – very difficult to sneak up on, or away from, a zombie when you’re making these sounds.

And finally, we have the most necessary accessory of all, a weapon.  I couldn’t find a crowbar so a rusty hatchet will have to do.

I’ve managed to make it home, pilfered the sharp, pointy, rusty things in the garden shed. Now let’s go kill some zombie.

Boots: Office

Leggings: H&M

Belt: Dunnes Stores

Shirt: some crappy store in Lanzarote

Hoody: American Apparel

Leather jacket: Zara

Earrings: Horse Boutique, Annapolis MD


DIY Nails

26 Oct

After watching Karla do my nails at Harvey Nichols, I figured I could do some cool nail art myself. I not a big fan of painting my own nails because I usually screw it up. Painting the left hand is fine but the nails on my right hand look like they’ve been daubed by a retarded monkey.

This time round I decided to keep it simple, mainly because I don’t have the fancy tools. I had been craving a dark nail for some time so I used a Sephora polish in Night Cap – a deep raisin purple colour – and then a sweep of fuschia pink from a brand called Hema that operates in Belgium and the Netherlands. You’ll be able to see in the photos that the pink is a bit smudgy. I am just that bad at painting my nails, and even worse at sitting still for ten minutes.

The result makes me think Grace Jones or Olivia Newton John in a leotard and a sweatband. Let’s get physical, physical….!

The long and the shorts of it – an update

17 Oct

Here’s just a wee update on the shorts post. I kept the navy polka-dot silk culottes from Whistles as they fit beautifully and they’re ever so ladylike. I sent back the red Oasis shorts in exchange for a smaller size and as for the Free People leopard-print shorts?

Nah thanks! They were badly made and didn’t sit right so back in the post they went.

And now you have three outfits I put together, using just one teeny pair of silk shorts. Phew!

Polka dots galore. Even my shoes are polka dot though that wasn’t intentional.

Cardigan: St. Tropez (that’s the brand, I bought it in Iceland)

Blouse: Madewell

Belt: vintage shop in Brussels

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Teapot necklace: Accessorize

Shirt: Bershka

Belt/Cummerbund: something The Sister gave me

Bag: Zara

Bib necklace: Bloomingdales

Shoes: Office

Blue blazer: Warehouse

T-Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Belt: Dunnes

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Madewell vintage, San Francisco


14 Oct

The leopard print nails are holding up well! Got them done at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum yesterday afternoon after reading about them in The Irish Times Weekend Magazine. With thanks to Karla for doing such a great job and being so chatty as she made my nails look cool!

Anna Kendrick – gimme leather

13 Oct

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Anna Kendrick. She played a precocious brat in Up in the Air alongside George Clooney, with a boring ponytail and a face like a smacked arse. And that is the sum total of my knowledge of her filmography, apart from an LCD Soundsystem music video in which she wears a sequin jacket and eats mens’ souls. Apparently she’s in Twilight though, ugh kill me now…

But today, with her appearance on This Morning with Phil and Fern, she made me want leather and knitwear. Obsoive…

And look! She has pasty legs, just like me, hurrah! She has a funny little face that makes her look perpetually like an affronted thirteen year old, even though she’s twenty-six, according to IMDB. I do like her hair. And her skirt is really yummy.

I am formulating a plan for a leather skirt the colour of Werther’s Original butterscotch sweets and a v. nice gold-flecked knitted jumper I saw in Oasis today. This post is foiled because stupid Oasis hasn’t managed to put said jumper on their website yet.  However, ASOS does have a leather skirt, from Oasis, that is quite similar to the colour I have in mind. See here:

Hmmm….I think one would have to go designer for the kind of skirt I’m looking for. I popped over to Net-a-Porter and found bunches of leather skirts, but all in black. Damnit! I’ll just have to rethink the Werther’s Original and go black. Me wanty! Better start saving! The skirt directly below is Vince @ $545.

And just as an aside, I saw this in BT2 this afternoon, causing me to physically harass a mannequin. I’m not a fan of Michael Kors but I do love black fringing. $350 on Net-a-Porter.


12 Oct

I love me a good skull, or a skeleton. I have a thing about bones that some might find a little creepy. But I find it hard to look at a human skull and not feel cheerful: they’re always smiling. And sometimes they can look so goofy I can’t help but think “aw…” But hey, that’s just me. On with the blog post already!

A few years back, I was introduced to a site on Etsy called Moon Raven Designs. Christmas-time had rolled around and the decent folk at The Irish Times were helping readers find present for their loved ones. Bingo! I lit upon a picture of a tiny bronze bat skull pendant. And the price was so reasonable I thought this surely must be a mistake. It’s quite difficult to find good, offbeat jewellery that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. But Moon Raven Designs offer exactly that. Just now, I saw they have added several new items to their long line of animal skull renditions: a ribcage here, a pelvis there, even a horse skeleton which has gone straight on the list. I know it’s not Christmas yet but it’s always good to be prepared. The pictures below are my darling little bat skull.

Here are a few more designs for the Christmas list:

Go visit Etsy! I’ve made it easy for you, no need to go trawling in that cavernous site of wonderful things: Moon Raven Designs.

And for other cool designs, visit the Brooklyn-based jewellery and gift store, Catbird at https://www.catbirdnyc.com/ . Their jewellery is more expensive but there are a few gems in there.

Om Diva

10 Oct

I bought two lovely, lovely, lovely dresses from Om Diva on Drury Street on Sunday. I had ventured into town for a single gal’s brunch at BrasserieSixty6 (scone with vanilla mascarpone cream and pineapple compote, coffee and bottomless mimosa, yum!) and ended up wandering around the south side of Dublin City, buying as if I hadn’t a care in the world, or as if I had a job.

They are both priced at €38 and they are “renewed vintage”.

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Bag: Modcloth.com

I wore this exact outfit (below) as I pounded the pavements of Dublin, handing out CVs. Will it bring me luck? I do hope so. It was a good day. People were so nice.

Cardigan: Zara

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Vintage store in Reykjavik

Scarf: a present from my mum, Vero Moda I think (they do good scarves generally)